Comment: WHO ORDERED the Park Rangers to monitor AK?

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WHO ORDERED the Park Rangers to monitor AK?

First, it is 100% clear that it was the PARK RANGERS that were the "aggressors". That is VERY CLEAR via the video. The Judge should throw this case out of court, based on that alone. You cannot hold anyone for suspicions of something. The police have no business badgering Adam Kokesh on whether he has lawfully owned guns or not. They will find out on July 4th. He is not a menace, and they know it. He is not imbalanced, and regardless, that has NOTHING to do with what he has done during this expression of Free Speech at the rally.

Second, WHO ORDERED THESE PARK RANGERS to monitor Adam Kokesh?

I want answers now!! Also, WHO are his friggin' attorneys?? Where are they?