Comment: Adam Kokesh insults Rand Paul and defenders of Liberty

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Adam Kokesh insults Rand Paul and defenders of Liberty

Rand Paul to evangelical leaders--quote: "I'm not advocating everyone run around with no clothes on and smoke pot." "I'm not a libertarian."

Adam Kokesh quote re: Rand Paul addressing evangelical leaders: "Rand has now made himself an enemy of liberty."

Ask yourself-- do you really believe Rand Paul is an enemy of liberty? Not.

But here's what we can get from these two quotes: Both Adam and Rand are excellent at first knowing their audience and telling them what they want to hear. For what purpose:

1. For Rand--to win votes/expand his following
2. For Adam-- to keep a dedicated and loyal following (I don't know if he can expand too much)

3. For Adam and Rand--So each can advance the cause of liberty in their own way.

However Adam's quote clearly is divisive, but hey many take Rand playing politics as divisive.

Question: Does Rand or Adam maliciously intend to divide the liberty movement?