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You're here preaching

You're here preaching libertarianism and judging on a label. I don't care what Kokesh has to say about Rand Paul or anyone else, talk about idolizing someone. What he says is the end all of libertarianism?

I commend him for talking, and doing what he does to wake up others, but there is no need for me to refer to his opinions as my opinion or consider his opinion as fact.

If you really care about the 'libertarian' philosophy, maybe you should head on over to the Libertarian party website and complain about why they nominated Gary Johnson who didn't really care to end the wars, just disguise it as a 'humanitarian' effort like all the rest of the neo-cons. Taxes aren't libertarian either.

There are other things more constructive things to do in our world than to try to find a 'perfect' person to fit your label of a 'libertarian'.