Comment: 1.If you have to amend the

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1.If you have to amend the

1.If you have to amend the Constitution in order to enact alcohol prohibition, and amend it again to relegalize alcohol, what do you have to do to enact drug prohibition?

So, obviously, "The War on Drugs" is plainly un-Constitutional.
Lord Acton said, "Power Corrupts". Is there any doubt that power indeed corrupts? If we allow the government to wield power without the constraints of the Constitution, future Presidents, less benevolent than Obama, WILL subjugate and oppress the people. Ron Paul believes this. I believe this. Free Americans have fought and hundreds of thousands have died defending the idea that we own ourselves and that no person, corporation or country shall have the power to take Adam Kokesh's rights away from him.

The answer to question 1. above is simple. You have to get unprincipled officers willing to do anything for a paycheck, like these park pigs.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ