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What scares the hell out of

What scares the hell out of me most about Adam is how he can be used by the corporate government drive by media to totally destroy the Tea Party and the Liberty Movement in one fell swoop.

Want to demonize every Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Tea Party Patriot in America? They would set him up in a heartbeat in D.C. I think elements within the District of Criminals want the march to happen because when opportunity knocks, why not take advantage of the situation as Rahm Emanuel said?

And they would set him up...they would set him up big time, the people would be told what to chirp and tweet, and everything so many have worked for would be destroyed over night by a single person.

Look what they just did to him. He had nothing illegal, did nothing wrong, and was just arrested for no apparent reason. Now he's being charged a crime he did not commit. He never was charged with a crime to begin with.

Now just imagine the same thing, but in D.C. with weed and rifles loaded. Shots are fired by an FBI plant. Adam gets arrested and the whole thing is blamed on him. All YouTube videos showing evidence to the contrary get filtered out. The media goes crazy, reporting false stories left and right, and the next thing you know we're all a bunch of lunatics guilty by association.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.