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don't believe in it

so i can't practice it

...back to the discussion

sorry you were confused. i think i know the basics but
you're being silly too. you think i approve of taxes? Hardly. but like you i pay them because i prefer not to be locked up.
my complaints were to counter your complaints. see we both get to do it.

but friend, you have somehow concocted an image of me standing on a pulpit somewhere yelling about how perfect libertarianism should be. again, i know the basics, and learned it mostly from ron paul.

i hadn't thought of running for office, but if i did i think i'd pick what william burroughs did: commissioner of sewers.
that's a joke in case your humor is different than mine as well.

yes i stated that earlier that we are both anti-war(i was trying to find some common ground)but your following post ignored it which can be seen as hostile, or at least unfriendly. anyhow, i'm glad you acknowledged it. and yup, the FED and let's not forget our personal freedoms which seems to be slipping away by the hour.