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Is this sarc?

Fascist? Life on Earth in the Star Trek universe seems to be the liberals' utopia of plenty for everyone, no need for money, and a strong military willing and able to use force against 'abuse' of liberty. The governments in the Star Trek universe follow the rule of law, and the Federation captains even get all preachy about it as they interact with other cultures. I'd call that statist rather than fascist.

Star Wars' Republic is fascist, having corporatists and trade unionists engaging in belligerent military-like activities, and thuggish Jedi 'keeping the peace' unbound by the rule of law. The galactic Empire was simply despotic totalitarianism.

Changing gears back to the article--I agree with the OP's point. The crew of the Enterprise are excruciatingly moral, and it lead to good ends.

A person might wonder, does moral behavior lead to success because of karma, because of luck, because God favors good deed doing, because the laws of nature are predisposed to rewarding good deed doing, or some other reason?

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