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I too understand your

I too understand your reasoning, I've already read it all over the internet for the last 10 years.

The charts most commonly found relating to Public debt are deceiving, mainly because they show 3-4 decades of debt, and they use exponential charting of the debt, such as the chart you present above. This gives the illusion of a relatively calm debt growth at the beginning followed by a sudden explosion of debt near the end of the chart. Yet Public debt growth in this country can be shown to have been steady since the year 1791, when viewed on a logarithmic scaled chart. Such a chart would give a visual image of the rate at which the Public debt was doubling, and if it draws an upward slanting line, as opposed to the "hockey stick" most people are common with, then the rate of growth would be steady. The following charts below are exactly the same data, just different scaling. The doubling rate is nearly a straight line from the Civil War era up till today. In the first chart it appears to be flat for a hundred half years, but it is not. It just simply doesn't show up because it takes a long time for $100,000 to double into $2 trillion dollars. The HUGE anomalous increase in Public debt occured from 1831-1865.

Visualizing the US National Debt 1791-2010

Exponentially Scaled Chart (impressive, deceiving):

Logarithmically Scaled Chart (not so impressive, tells the true story):

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