Comment: I reside in the 3rd district,

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I reside in the 3rd district,

I reside in the 3rd district, and I met a fellow campaigning for Mike Kelly at a gunshop during the primary. He asked me to sign to have Kelly put on the ballet (in PA, even incumbents need signatures). I told him no. He looked at me silently for a moment, then asked,

"Are you registered Republican; do you live in the third?"
I responded with "Yeah."

He looked around a few seconds, then asked, "Do you like one of the challengers?"
I said "No."

Then he just kind of looked confused and asked, "Would you mind telling me why you won't sign?"
I responded with, "Because he voted to extend three Patriot Act provisions."

"No No No," was his response. "You must be mistaken. What think tank was that from, we need to get that taken care of and off the internet. Was it on the internet?"
"I saw the vote," I told him.

This went on a few minutes, and he assured me I was mistaken. He got my contact info and was supposed to contact me with a response from the campaign, which never happened. I guess he hadn't figured on some young kid being informed and showing him up at the gunshop.