Comment: have you been to a concert lately?

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have you been to a concert lately?

Or seen how little tax apple pays?

People disobey laws all the time....there are so many to be broken.

Besides some laws are ok...Murder, Rape...those are ok laws to have. What laws would you like people to break?

How many waitress and Bar tenders pay taxes on their tips?

People need to disobey the dumb laws and they do. The sheriff near here was voted out after how he handled peaceful protesters. Yes I know what I just said...the V word, but the community would have reelected him had he not been a been a complete horses ass to girls holding flowers in a park. Sometimes you have to push the boundaries.

The point needs to be made that you have to get creative to wake people up. Running around and trying to convince people my greaseball politician is better than theirs isn't going to change crap. You have to get the masses to see the morons for what they are...crooks/thugs/thieves. Then you don't need to control party structure or find a liberty candidate...the politicians will magically see the light if the political winds shift in our favor.

Creating a better community without going to voting booth is entirely possible. Setting a business or non profit that addresses the needs and wants of your area is a lot of work, but it can be far more rewarding than the political game. I am in a big garden club and we break a few rules (but the city hasn't noticed yet).

political action isn't the only way to make difference...Just look at what Ron Paul is up to these days. I hear something "big" is coming later this summer! And I know its not another run for office.