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In Athens, Georgia the people meant business and corruption met its match... pissed off, armed freedom loving people that showed up with purpose. All these protests that have corrupt police state thugs violating rights and pushing people around tossing them in jail end in failure. Why? Because they lack a bunch of pissed off, armed freedom loving people. With freedom comes responsibility. If people aren't responsible enough to end tyrannical acts wielding the 2nd Amendment then you lose freedom. We all want change by peaceful means, but be honest with yourselves. When tyrants are running rampant and making the 18th century British look like school boys, it's time to walk the talk. I've always argued a good indicator of a just war is when you personally have that gut feeling that you feel obligated to risk your life for your country. Not solely for your country, but for your family and their well being. We can play Internet warrior all day long, but it's pretty clear through recent decades that peaceful protest has steered it's course. Cite Ghandi all you want, I'll point to the founders, and the people of Athens. It's time to stop living in fear, stop following the 'we're making progress' carrot on the stick, and start realizing that the best way to restoring the constitution is to get mad, get armed and show them we are damn serious about our once beloved country.

Liberty: Too big to fail