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Comment: Every Tea Party rally I've attended...

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Every Tea Party rally I've attended...

was run by Republican Party hacks spewing the same old fascist garbage. But even though the IRS scandal is just a bipartisan distraction, I would like to see lots of people protesting the fascists who run the IRS.

Your point about Obama/Bush working with al Qaeda is a good one, and could/should be used to convict a lot of bipartisan criminals of treason. Saudi Arabia, a US ally in the War on Terror, is the financial and ideological safe haven for al Qaeda. Without Saudi money funding Islamic extremism all around the world, al Qaeda would wither on the vine. In spite of these facts, the US allows Saudi and Arab Emirate governments to own critical U.S. energy infrastructure, including oil refineries and Liquid Natural Gas facilities in Port Arthur Texas. Republicans oppose U.S. government ownership of industry but fully support foreign government ownership of U.S. industry. The US/Saudi alliance is treason and citizens must demand prosecution.

For posts on Saudi ownership of U.S. infrastructure and funding of terrorism, including the Boston Marathon bombing, click on the link to "Resist Gun Control" and go to the home page. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)