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If you liked the concepts in this movie

I recommend taking a look at Star Trek: Enterprise with Scott Bakula. The events of the show take place one hundred years before the events in The Original Series with William Shatner as Kirk. It is a good introduction to Star Trek for fans of the new movies. It is the first warp-5 ship and it is an experimental design. They don't even have shields and aren't sure if the transporter room is safe to use for humans. I'd highly recommend it, because you really learn the heart and soul of what Star Trek is. The Federation is a loosely knit coalition of planets that have aligned themselves for common defense in their sectors of the galaxy. To put down space piracy, safely transport goods, etc. The leadership of the Federation and Starfleet, typically, do not dictate to other societies, unless the society is deemed to be stagnant (having gone hundreds of years without improving only to find some lost alien space probe is being worshipped as a god). Lots of episodes deal with this "Prime Directive" of non-interference, even though it doesn't exist yet at the time of Star Trek: Enterprise. It is a good primer for Star Trek and an interesting show to watch. Much like the original show cloaked controversial topics of the day in heavy science fiction plots and characters, so did Enterprise. It was a good show and its unfortunate the show was cancelled. Largely because of the long story arcs which most prime time viewers started to get confused by. All seasons of the show are streamable on Netflix. (Section 31 is also in this show)