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Well mike,

At least you're speaking with me, rather than barking at me; this is a good starting point to talk the issue through using sound logic and common sense.
I'm glad you could find something in my post to hang your hat upon, as flimsily tied to your original assertion as it is. But I digress, let's examine what I said that you quoted against the words of your charge against me?
your summation, shows that you can see the " foolishness " that Adam displayed in doing what he did. But that as you know was NOT you original charge against me of which I shall now remind you.
That charge : supporting terrorist, or to the heart of what your intent was, support a tyrannical government.

That charge of course won't stick, as you discovered; for it is clear that I support NEITHER party in this sordid affair, both are culpable, both are wrong: BUT IT WAS WITHIN ADAM's abilities to avoid this boondoggle, and he CHOSE NOT TOO, therefore the greater RESPONSABILITY is his. For to have the expectation that a rogue, tyrannical Government, which we now presently suffer, shall exercise restraint in tyranny, is rather unconscionable, even deliberately self blinded.
Mike, if we shout from the roof tops we will do anything for limited, and unobtrusive Government, then the world IS WATCHING to see how we show we live. Adam, has rather unique expectations placed upon him by the manner of his PRESUMED AUTHORITY as he is a SPOKESMAN; if our spokesmen can not display the discipline of wise counsel, then we offer to this nation, and by extension, to this earth, not Liberty through self government, but anarchy through self will run riot.

I've enjoyed speaking with you, and I pray that we shall have opportunity to do so at length in other threads, or perhaps face to face, one never knows of these things, God sets the day and I merely trust in his abundant good favor to see me through.
Every man is , by virtue of birth in America, the right to be as wrong as they so shall choose; but they've also the same right to choose to live in such a manner that their very lives become no offense unto others. It is the former who run to riot, the latter who command respect, of which shall Mike choose to be? I have great confidence, in the latter, for my former day were of the first example, but time and consequence has shown me a better way of Faith; and my loved ones can attest, as well as the bailiff; this way makes me more welcome by the first and unseen of the last. Who then can doubt that Mike, a man of passionate concerns shall not also grow in the full statute of maturity? Not I, rather I say, keep on keepin on, burry not your zeal, but temper it with much thought before expression.

God Bless you Mike, be wise.


Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington