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((((((((ducky))))))) I genuinely appreciate what you have contributed to this thread more than any poster and I THANK YOU for the links, which take a lot of study, as I am still studying the first one.

I need to suspend this heavy, but much appreciated debate, because I have some personal serious issues, that have been devloping, that are so serious, debating Israel/Palestine/+ have been easier to understand.

I knew my Mother had been mudered, I just got more proof, and found out my father's death was an illegal assisted suicide.. I'm going to be reporting the crimes today and seeking a criminal law firm that is on a national level since I did not live in the same state as my parents.

I hope you can understand and forgive me, because there are some issues on DP that are not so heavy as this (I LOVE YOU FOR GIVING ME THIS EDUCATION), and if you see me respond to some article on DP, it's just because it's on the lighter side.. and I can handle it with out deep contemplation.

THANK YOU ducky... let's meet back here in a few days or when I have more time to masticate what you have provided for my education on this issue.

God Bless YOU!