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Stossel making the claim that all pesticides are good

is just idiotic. Obviously he doesn't know what he is talking about and most likely did no research before making this video.

My business of producing honey is totally wiped out due to the pesticide built in to the everyday produce we all eat. Bees can't tolerate pesticides built into produce because it is in the pollen and nectar.

So you can have your pesticides but we as a civilization most figure out a way to pollinate the vast amounts of produce required for our population. Maybe the answer is we all grow mono-culture crops and then import all other fruits and vegetables from countries more responsible.

But then Monsatan is busy developing bees that can tolerate the pesticide in the GMO crops. I wonder how we will all like our honey with a side of nerve agent pesticide. This is what nicotinoid pesticides really are a nerve agent that works on the nervous system of the insects. They say it is harmless to humans but no one is allowed to do any independent tests on GMO's, we have to take Monsatans word for it.

As I listed above the lies that come from Monsatan, can we trust them?

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed