Comment: Step two: verify information UPDATE

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Step two: verify information UPDATE

By using sources outside of those presented in the original.
I live in Seattle, on the direct flight path to Boeings Everett Wa. facility, which is used by the Military for such maneuvers do to its large capacity to handle such flights and very low usage otherwise. I have seen ZERO extra activity towards this facility, no extra flights.
I will check with a source that has eyes on McCord AFB in Taccoma WA. To see what's going on there: as soon as I hear back I'll report by updating this post.

UPDATE: Barracuda Trader, the source of the Before it's news Post has a reputation of being a " fear porn " merchant, any such article posted by this source should be treated circumspectly.
Additionally: this original was posted YESTERDAY, but ZERO confirming posts, stories or invasions have taken place or been posted since that time. The likelihood that this is anything but a hoax grows smaller.

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