Comment: The Founding Fathers would have levied tariffs on AAPL

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The Founding Fathers would have levied tariffs on AAPL

If we had tariffs like the Constitution says, AAPL would be paying its fair share to import its widgets from its Red Chinese sweatshops. Corporations are government creations through their charters, which absolve the officers of corporations from personal liability for their actions, creating an unlevel playing field in the marketplace, stacked against proprietorships and partnerships whose decisionmakers are held accountable. Corporations are not people; they are governments -- their shareholders elect a board of directors who appoint a President and Vice Presidents, and like politicians, they assume no personal liability for their policies. All personal income, sales, and property taxes should be abolished. Replace them with tariffs and a Wall Street sales tax on securities trades. If Rand needs more money to run his government, then let corporations pay the shortfall.