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If you wanna pay for those

If you wanna pay for those mandatory basements, go for it. And yes, you can drive away from them though it's not ideal because the roads might be gridlocked and then you end up stuck in the car and outside. If you have enough time, and can stay off of the highway then I have no qualms about people getting out of Dodge before a monster twister hits. If they have no basement it's probably a better idea. Oh and the tornado warning was issued BEFORE the tornado plopped down and the tornado itself was on the ground for 40 minutes so they had a tremendous amount of warning time. The storm did go from just a storm to a massive tornado in a quick time, yet they had great warnings with helicopters on it from multiple news channels. Also - the May 3rd 1999 tornado lead to a lot of Oklahomans seeking out custom tornado shelters to add to their homes - This will happen again. Unfortunately Oklahoma is seeking to create shortages by issuing a "no price gouging" law for the next several months. As more and more people seek shelters, the price of those resources will rise but the businesses will not be allowed to raise prices beyond 10% - this is what government can do when it gets in the way with their well intended, but ultimately asinine laws. This is but ONE shortage they'll create. Building supplies will also start running out soon.