Comment: The solution to privilege is

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The solution to privilege is

The solution to privilege is not to raise the price paid for it.

The solution to privilege is to end privilege.

I don't want to charge them more for their fascist corporate protection. That just makes the power to grant it that much more attractive.

I want to remove that protection, and more importantly remove the power to grant that protection.

Taxing corporations in any way is very much a fools game.

All you are doing is creating monopolies and it is you who pays to do so. There is no entity to pay the tax but you. You pay it in the form of monopoly pricing and increasing government corruption and decreasing liberty. As monopolies you have no choice but to pay the tax you think you are levying on the corporations.

What does the corporation care if it pays more taxes when by virtue of those very taxes it has less competition. It passes on the taxes to you, and the owners of the corporation reap the rent.

I don't have a particular problem when dummies want to tax themselves, which is what taxing corporations does, but I do have a problem because it taxes me also. I do have a problem with the propagation of corruption that results from it.

Remove the privileges they receive. That's all you need to do, and it's the only thing that can solve the problem.

Raising the bar for market entry, which is exactly what corporate taxation does, will not solve the problem.

It will make it worse.