Comment: You are correct; the founders

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You are correct; the founders

You are correct; the founders would be livid that no tariffs are enacted...

However, every economic study shows that tariffs are not preferable to free trade...this was the trade off made in the early 1900s, where we reduced tariff and export duties and installed the income tax, which has a less negative effect on the economy than do tariffs on foreign goods. We can debate the morality of it, but free trade is the more efficient policy.

In regards to corporations/charters/the system of multiple public owners instead of liable private owners, yes, the founders would have been enraged, but the benefits and indemnities we give to corporations have served the economy well. It lowers their risk factor tremendously, it prevents economic inefficiency that arises from having stupid owners, etc.

In the Ron Paul "free market", where governmnet exists only to make sure everyone follows the laws, businesses would be much more paralyzed. CEOs would be much more risk-averse if they could be held personally responsible. Businesses as a whole would be much more cautious if their liabilities went up through the roof. Again, it may not be fair/moral, but there is little doubt that despite the hazards stripping away this kind of risk has, it has provided tremndous economic benefit.

Hell, for all the complaints, the economic growth from 1908 to 2007 absolutely crushes the economic growth from 1800 to 1900. With corporations, federal reserve, fiat money, and all.

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