Comment: Well, capitalism never worked

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Well, capitalism never worked

Well, we even saw the CEO of Apple Computer recently say that "Apple has no obligation to the public interest", and I think this demonstrates the problem with capitalism.

Private Companies are only beholded to their own shareholders. The sole motivating factor of capitalism is to pursue money and to value that ethos (of greed) over human conditions, human rights, the environment, whether the water is clean or dirty, whether the air is clean or dirty, whether some product causes Cancer or not.

It is a system based upon raw competition over an abstract creation (money), which has left the world Soulless, spiritually and intellectually bankrupt, and possessed by consumerism and worthless junk.

Wars are fought (mass murder) for profit (Oil), and to hoard World Resources so that private International Bankers and Corporations can get rich. Are they not capitalists? In fact, they are the kingpins of the capitalistic system that have acheived such a level of success that they can then (with their wealth) invert the whole system back against any potential competitors.

And every landscape and roadway in the World is now permantly littered-up with the pornography of cheap Corporate Advertising. Even the Internet itself (including this site) slaps-up inescapable, endless Advertisment and marketing gimmicks in front of our faces. Yuck! This is the capitalistic wasteland in which we live.

The profit system necessarily produces a stratified society....made up of "winners" and "losers". It is the driver of all the World's Economic inequities and dissatisfaction. It is also the driver of people wasting their lives away on stupid careers, or corrupt careers -- because the profit motive always tells them they have to make that choice (or that fulfilling careers like pursuing an Art career or teaching won't pay and you will starve).

I do not pretend that socialism, as we know it, is the correct answer. But capitalism clearly did not work in this country, because ever since the days of the 1800s with the big Railroad profiteers and the Banking profiteers -- these "captains of Industry" managed to completely hollow-out our elected government and turn it into a carnival for just themselves and their own interests.

We need a system that protects the public interest, the common good, and where policy decisions are made that can erase want and poverty and greed and Mankind's base, reptilian emotions.

Being slaves to private profiteers, and having to work 60-hours a week with lousy pay and few holidays and no retirement or health benefits -- is no way to live a life. They call it the rat race because -- we are the rats in this system. This is inhuman.

So we live inside a high-tech feudalistic system today. We are all just serfs and peasants with cell-phones and traffic jams and video games, and little meaning, or intellectual thought to our lives. We've been played.

Our basic humanity and our spiritualitally has been destroyed. This was not man's destiny. There is no garden of eden here.

It is a greed-based wasteland with little incentive for human values to be sustained.

But just ignore me, and go back to your cell-phones, and your GPS devices, and your X-Box, and staring at the wateland of all the advertising gimmicks all around you, and ignoring all the inequity and the poverty and human suffering, and the Wars (which is always fought to enrich private profiteers), and the destruction of our air and water -- and continue to say that a profit-based system works.

I don't know what the answer is (Zeitgeist?), but history has shown that a profit system does not work. It just produces predatory profiteers, and a human value system of greed and consumerism and Global War.