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Capitalism certainly worked

It worked in the middle ages many places. It worked in the States United for about a century.

Wars are not fought for profit, and can never be fought for profit. The reason is simple, wars are not profitable.

Wars are fought for rent.

Wars are not 'profitable', unless the costs can be socialized onto other people. War is the pure and inevitable result of state interference in markets. Once this is allowed the inevitable result is war and capital destruction by myriad means.

People are programmed to be ignorant of history and economics. This is why the Pavlovian response to the evil of the state, is clamor for more state, ie Zeitgeist, which is just the same old fascism with a new paint job.

Power can only be used to force people to do things they don't want to, steal from them, put them in cages, or murder them.

You believe the power can be used for good. This is impossible because power is evil.

There is nothing else you can do with power. That is the point of power.

To believe that power can be used for good you have to believe anyone willing to do any of those things is good. No good person would be willing to do any of those things.

If you say you would steal, kill, or enslave for the 'greater good', you are not good, you are corrupted.

If want the power for another reason, you are worse than corrupt.

Anything else you want to do, you can do with voluntary suasion or trade.

Lord Acton said power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. He was on the right track, but unwilling to face the truth.

The truth is not that power corrupts.

The truth is that power is corruption.

Government can do not good because it must employ evil. When it seems to have done some good, it has done the greatest ill of all, by allowing the slaves to have the delusion they are free.