Comment: If you want Allen West to never talk to you again:

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If you want Allen West to never talk to you again:

Here is a short clip where Allen West is talking to a group of "conservative mothers." He starts out by comparing them to Spartan mothers who raised Spartan warriors, who sent their 9 year old sons off to the Agoge. One has to wonder how much input Spartan mothers had...!

It's obvious that either Allen West doesn't understand what he's talking about, or maybe he does, but it is painfully evident the mothers in the audience didn't have a clue what he was talking about, because as "conservative mothers" they should have pummeled him with heads of rotten lettuce, tomatoes and eggs.

Spartan mothers sent their nine year old sons to the Agoge, where at the age of 12-13 years old (they were referred to as eronomoi, loved ones), a lover (referred to as erastes) was chosen for him from men age 20-30 years old.

If you ever get the chance, could you, with your calm, laid back, off the cuff style ask a few follow up questions on the above?

I'm having some fun here, I love your style and appreciate the questions you ask of politicians who fidget and can't seem to sit still for even five minutes. Love your work...