Comment: No, Government is a Business

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No, Government is a Business

Some people formed a club. These people are commonly referred to as "We The People" in the club's charter documents. These people knew they possessed no powers to compel everyone to join their club. These people also knew they possessed no inherent or just powers to steal, kidnap, or kill.

However the people who formed the club were not your average layman. They were well educated people. Sure they may have claimed good intentions but they were very clever with their use of language in club charters in order to appeal the most people in a short amount of time. After all, this club had no members except the founders. They were even clever enough not to call their club a club. They named it government, a very special and magical word in the English language which conveys super human powers on a select minority of people. Following a mass marketing campaign to many people these founders were able to obtain a political majority within a defined geographical territory. Well, we know what a majority of force gets to do in nature ... anything it wants and the rest is as they say ... history.

In case it wasn't clear what business this club called government is in from the above, it is in the membership business of citizenship. Member-"ships" and Citizen-"ships" are merely vessels in a sea of club approved commerce 24/7/365 to be piloted or controlled by those with the "power."