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Comment: Have you called your Critter yet?

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Have you called your Critter yet?

I want to know this: How many of you have called your Senators and Congress critters to tell them that aid to the so called Syrian rebels is unacceptable? I have contacted Rand Paul's office, urging them to tell him to be more outfront on this issue. Notice how they always have those critters on TV who FAVOR more intervention, but not those who don't?

I have contacted Senators Chambliss, Issakson, Rubio and Nelson as I live in GA but still have FL registration. I urge you to do the same.

This move to arm the terrorists in Syria has Israel written all over it. Likudnik Oded Yinon advocated this type of action years ago. The argument is that Israel will be strengthened by surrounding instability. Israel wants Assad out so it can go after Hezbollah, and so that intervention in Iran will be easier. Wake up people. No more wars for Israel!