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Comment: I'll explain further

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I'll explain further

The reason I said America is gone if this thing passes is because with that amount of foreigners being legalized with the stroke of a pen, foreigners who have not one shred of American spirit within them - for if they did they would NOT break the law to enter or have a baby on US soil believing it automatically gives them a 'right' to live here - then the chance - no matter how slight it may be right now - of expounding our fundamental principles to wake up the sleeping American masses, will never have a chance.
This massive 'legalize illegals' charade is TPTB's best chance of forever changing the culture of America because the illegals do not come from countries where Liberty means anything. If they did, they would be in their countries fighting for the liberties of their people. But they don't care about their own people, or even their country; they only care about what they can get from other people who happen to live in America. They have no allegiance to any principles, just a selfish, "I'm gonna take what I can get" attitude. Where are their morals? If I want to move to a pretty 'chocolate box' cottage in the country in the UK, you bet I would go through the proper channels and not sneak in on some ship or through the tube from France. We all know those 'newbies' will then vote for those candidates who promise and provide the most Marxist policies of redistribution of wealth. And those politicians pushing this thing are really just fighting for those 'new votes'. They could care less about the burden to society many of those illegals will be.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison