Comment: Pretty much.

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Pretty much.

First: Read Rothbard. It's all mostly spelled out.

But yes. This function used to be held by the church.. hence the 'separation of church and state'. It was not because they feared religion, most were religious themselves to some extent.

It was because the church was the media. What they wanted was separation of media and state. There was just no real concept of independent non-religious media.

However banning the church from state relations created a 'need' for state propaganda in another form.

The media.

The media and academia are the high priests of the state.

The separation of church and state was a good idea.. they just didn't understand the function of propagandist for the religion of statism would return in another form.

What truth you do get from the MSM is because it harms the other party. You here truth from Fox when it harms the dems.

You hear truth from the rest of the media it's because it harms the GoP.

When they talk about Lady Gaga or the Kardashians or sports, which is most of the time, it's because the truth is that you're getting fcuked by both parties.

There's a lot more to this but I will refrain from expounding further here.

Short answer: Yes, you are spot on target.