Comment: Conspiracy theorist run amuck

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Conspiracy theorist run amuck

The book recommended by “poker libertarian” is crap......sorry dude……well crap to any serious Libertarian. The tap root (for those not from the south it’s the root system of pine trees) of Libertarianism is Austrian economics. The first principle of Austrian economics is “sound money”. Anything else by default and definition is inflationist. It doesn’t matter if it’s fractional reserve credit creation or unlimited expansion by securitizing debt or if it’s the USG printing up its own fiat currency……it is inflation……the scourge on the people of the world.

The book recommended by "Poker"is the work of Sarah E. V. Emery titled Imperialism in America.

While reading this book I instantly recognized what is was about. Although the Populist Movement had not yet formally come on the scene when the book was in the discussion of the time frame in question…..but I certainly recognized it for what it was.

So for all you conspiracy theorist out there that cringe every time I tell you it doesn’t exist……read this piece I am recommending. You will see that we are in a battle of philosophical ideas, that others are in the same battle and that we are hurting our movement by trying to prove something that does not exist. Accept that our enemy has done what you think they have done, but stop wasting the energy trying to prove it. Instead use your time getting the message of our ideas out that say we have a better way.