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Oh Jeez

So now they make it official after doing it through the back door as if nobody knew. This is going to get ugly over there, I am so sick of it. Thank you Rand for trying your best to slap these idiot Senators up side the head.

Qatar is a rich troublemaker, and was a major influence in Libya's takeover, and have been doing the same with Syria and the rebels. They need pipeline access through Syria and probably Iran to bring their Natural Gas to Europe. (Qatar has the world's 3rd largest gas reserves) This is not going to go well with Russia as they are a major supplier of Natural Gas to Europe. Hence Russia's support for Syria and Iran. Then last week Saudi Arabia who doesn't like the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is in with the rebels, met with them and now are jumping in on rebel support.

So, it is a very entangled web of things going on, much more involved than the above. And of course, the US just has to protect the "oil dollar", which is being threatened by oil being traded in gold. That is really what the US position is all about, why Egypt, and Libya went down, and why they want Syria and Iran taken down. Gotta protect the ole mighty dollar, bull crap all the way.