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um...because it actually seems to be run by an actual fascist statist collectivist POS??

Come on brother, I hate the AIPAC whores and the terrorist state of Isis-Ra-El as much as anyone. But seriously, did you really look further into Andrew Anglin, the's proprietor, and what he publicly promotes, before posting the link??

The following are but a few of the topics Anglin said in a recent interview with a website called the, whose motto is: "Whites talking to Whites, about White Interests" ** Not, that there's anything wrong with that, per-se, unless you're a POS statist asshole who thinks you should vote to become fascists, so you can use the monopoly of force of govt to put other races in concentration camps (really, Nazis? Again? Geesh try a new script, maybe...maybe...'lock them up in a sexy bubble bath! LOL! No? Well, I tried. LOL Fcuking Nazis, no sense of sexy humor), deport or 're-educate' them.

Soon to be his mugshot

Check out who interviewed him: Carolyn Yeager.
But...but...but..she looks so sweet,
like a young granny who'll bake you
pot brownies und schitzen! .o(

Oh look, she paints, too, just like her not so blonde-haired, not so blue-eyed, 1/4-Jew hero Adolf Schicklgruber did!

Oh great, she used to be on Stadtmiller's RBN! Yikes!

Interview with Andre of Total Fascism

Published on February 4, 2013 by Carolyn in The Heretics' Hour
Feb. 4, 2013

Andrew Anglin, known as Andre on his website Total Fascism, tells us why he thinks Fascism, and many of the policies instituted by Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist regime, is the answer to our fast-degenerating society.

Among the topics discussed:

- Need to put attention on solutions, rather than endless talking on the Internet;
- Leaderless revolution vs an organized political party program;
- Libertarianism as a Jewish invention;
- Why “ruthless” strength is preferable to weak or half-way measures in dealing with the masses;
- Discussion of feminism and “women’s rights” from the male and female perspective;
- The reasons that obesity, homosexuality and pornography should be outlawed;
- Why we don’t need competing political parties.

Thanks to callers Stuart, Aservant and Don for adding to the program.

Podcast: Download

What I find most hilarious is the fact that these moron racist idiots are praising George Lincoln Rockwell, the former Ivy League dropout/Pratt Inst. Artist/Graphic Designer (WTF is up with Nazis and 'art'??) and founder of the American Nazi Party, whose career path looks like a straight bee-line for someone who arose out of the OSS, who was the drag queen cross-dressing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's personal COINTELPRO boy who used to sell ads to Jewish businesses like Filene's Basement, whom after coming back from WWII killing Nazis...'suddenly' decides to become a Nazi??

Rightie o.

The more insidiously hilarious fact, is the pervasive myth within NeoNazi-dom that George Lincoln Rockwell was TARGETED by the FBI!

Well, according to Fmr. US NAVY Intel and NSA, now whistleblower and investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, George Lincoln Rockwell WAS Hoover's COINTELPRO agent provocateur!

LOL, F'ng NeoNazi SUCKERS!!!

If the neoNazis' idiotic beliefs weren't so dangerous, it'd be WB Looney Tunes hilarious!

I always egg on neoNazi scumfcuks with: 'So, y'all motherfcukers are Buddhists?'


The Swastika was a common 'spiritual vortex' symbol in many ancient Asian, Native American, Northern European, as well as African cultures. But in 'modern' context, pre-Vienese (Austrian) New Age movement-era, religious-symbolically speaking while it was linked to the Janes and Hindus, but most recognizably, they are most notably linked with Buddhists, today.


Andrew Anglin is not just a closet neoNazi: that motherfcuking douche is a full-on, openly Nazi, a National Socialist!

The following Hitler Jugend picture still on his home page banner wasn't meant to be ironic; it's clear, he means to agree with the brainwashing of little Teutonic Kinder.

That said, I believe as many even within the r3VOLution have publicly expressed, people have every right to be wary of Adam Kokesh, based on his past publicly verifiable tactics deployed at his activism events, his personality, tact, ego, etc., not to mention, his very public ups and downs within the R3VOLution, since he endorsed Dr. Paul for RP2008 while still member of Iraq Veterans Against War.

And, I'd even go as far to say that his own past post at USMC in "Civil Affairs" which is just DoD Euphemism for PsyOps/Corporatist Contract-Salesmen/Public Relations specialist/propagandist, because essentially his job was to 'sell the goodness of the US occupation to the natives,' which involves smoothing out impressions upon the occupied subjects (native population) to 'make them' deal with US corporatist companies hiring non-local population for slave wage to do various socialist public and private works projects in their country.

Thus, the 'corporatist contract salesman'-moniker is exactly what Adam's job outlined. But, Kokesh knows the role he willfully and later publicly admittedly regrettably, played. But he alone must deal with his own individual decisions and demons, the same that ALL servicemen/women have to deal with, as well.

So I 'get' that while others may have legitimate qualms about that portion of Adam's history, regardless of whether he's become an AnCap today, or not.

That said, it is wholly unfair to judge him by assertions advocated by a blatantly rabid, disgusting REAL racist collectivist statist bigot POS slinging mud, at Adam and his father, along with the rest of his family.

Andrew Anglin isn't even in the same 'reformed' class of 'white-separatists,' as is the case with David Duke, whom if looked at truly objectively in his current 'persona' post-KKK grand wizard-ness, his criticism of Israel as a racist Apartheid State is spot on.'s proprietor honestly believes in Nazism, and has no problem publicly expressing the fact that his genetic disposition puts him above anyone he deems unworthy.

I truly wonder what the loud-mouth pussy website proprietor, Anglin, would do, if members of other race were to state the following with the full intention of carrying out what the racist POS proposes committing, below.

So frankly, the only apt question left to inquire is:

It's 10 O'Clock, do you know who your favorite StormFront racist assholes are?

Once elected, we will immediately enact decisive measures to the end of establishing White racial homogeneity in these United States.


Once elected, we will immediately enact decisive measures to the end of establishing White racial homogeneity in these United States. Firstly, the US armed forces will be deployed within the United States to deal with non-white immigrants. Our revolution will not recognize the citizenship which has been granted these non-European immigrants as legally valid, nor will having been born in the United States give a non-White any special legal rights. They will be rounded up and interned in concentration camps until they can be shipped back to wherever they are from. This will be done in a manner that is just and avoids denigrating the immigrants as much as possible, but is nonetheless quick and decisive.

The immigrants being ejected will be allowed to keep all of their cash and personal effects that they are capable of carrying on their person, while any real estate they own, as well as any vehicles or other belongings too large for them to bring with them, will be appropriated by the state and redistributed to our poor and working class White citizens who have had their quality of living driven down by these immigrants.

The Southern Border will be secured with landmines, and the US Coast Guard will be imparted with the duty of sinking any ships bringing non-Whites into the United States.

Asians, who are the only other race that has proven themselves to be capable of living a civilized lifestyle, will be dealt with differently than other immigrants. We see no need to intern these people or force them out using military means, and a percentage of them who are seen to be contributing to society may be allowed to remain in the country, though not at the expense of the native population. They will no longer be allowed to be citizens of this country. They will no longer be awarded scholarships of any kind, and will instead be required to pay triple the amount if they wish to attend American universities. The surplus from this tuition will be used to assist the education of the native White population.

The American Indian population should be assisted more than they have been in dealing with their own problems involving alcohol, drugs and general poverty.

Our African-American population will will have the option of repatriation to Africa, or movement to a geographical area within the United States that is allocated to them. This transfer need not be immediate; the violent criminals within the Black communities will be rounded up by the military, and this will give us time to peacefully relocate the Blacks – hopefully with the cooperation of Black leaders. Financial assistance will be provided to the Blacks, though not indefinitely.

Blacks will not be permitted to possess firearms or deadly weapons of any kind until which point they are transferred to their own lands, as they have proven that peaceful existence is incompatible with their genetic nature.

All Jews will be forced to wear identifying markers, so as they are no longer capable of their methods of deceit. Many of them will be interned in concentration camps until a colony, which is to be regulated by an international body, can be established for them. The end goal will be to have all Jews removed from the North America, as well as the nations of our brothers in Europe and elsewhere.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul