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Comment: guns/ganja

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is the obvious nexus -

We have liberal senators/representatives who give lip service to
the idea that marijuana use should not be criminalized, but they
all back the Schumer/Obama/Feinstein/Reid gun control initiatives
that say marijuana users have to right to own firearms and should
be prosecuted as felons if they are uppity or oblivious enough to
have any. Yet cannabis activist types seem mostly to cheer on the
very people that are depriving them of their rights...

Still - the federal government's intransigence on marijuana is pushing
progressive types to embrace nullification just as the same thing
is tending to occur with respect to gun rights. Hopefully, marijuana
activists and RKBA supporters can get to cooperating - the additional
support that either one could provide to the other would be huge.

Maybe Adam K. was thinking along those lines in attending the Philly