Comment: although i can get rands

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although i can get rands

although i can get rands point, and to some extent, appreciate apple, if they have indeed created new jobs, i wished it happen to a more nicer company, as i am SERIOUSLY against the monolopoly like actions apple, and not just apple, have used the patent system to deny fair competition, although, ive not heard any recent news on patent suing from apple, so maybe they've realised they were pissing off a few people, and their image, or maybe ive just not been reading the right sites, i know some patents can take a while to come to court once its innitiated, so who knows

Another aspect of us regulation that needs reforming, in my opinion, to stop impeding, natural progress, from a, CONSUMERS standpoint, add copyrights to that list too.

I have a feeling some would disagree, from the corporate perspective, i dont knock it, i just dont agree with it.....unless there is more common sense regulation, for both sides, i.e. non profit driven, and more consumer rights orientated, a balance between the two, not as a tool to, sue or imprison, if it gets that far

sorry, dont mean to bring the mood down