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On incentives, corruptibility, rent-seeking, just vs unjust laws

The reason that the capitalism is fading is because the guys who make the money start to make the laws.

Yes, and that probably deserves to be put under even further scrutiny.

Who was responsible to make laws or undo them in the USA, while keeping respect for the Constitution?

Congress (not alone of course, but for a big part anyway).

How is Congress paid?

By tax payer's money. They get an automatic rent. It's pretty comfy at $175,000/year. But that's just a detail, I'm not obsessed with that.

Point is: it's a rent. They don't produce anything we can touch and consume for that. It's no food, no goods, no services. But only laws, with their intrinsic force. And as the Ancient would say: "dura lex, sed lex" (the law is harsh, but that's the law). The latter better be just, then.

Now, where is, then, Congress's incentive, as corruptible men (because ALL MEN are corruptible of course, with and by power, at some point, including myself; angels don't exist on earth)?

Incentive 1 for Congress: do whatever it takes to keep getting their rent = be re-elected = please the people who voted them in (or PRETEND to please them, at minima)

Side note, btw; and what does this incentive LOGICALLY imply, among other things: what happens when the MAJORITY of the people who vote them in, gets DUMBER AND DUMBER, easier and easier to please, easier and easier to deceive? Scary isn't it? (for the other minorities)

Incentive 2 for Congress: get more money from some wealthy lobbyists who support them as well, with a hidden agenda, and vote them in, for friendly laws (to the same lobbyists, that is)

Incentive 3 for Congress when it's a Constitution with a section 4 in Amendment 14 (as today's): favor or make laws that keep the debt increase out of sight, out of discussion, to keep on going with the status quo.



This consideration above, IMO, deserves more thoughts from the people, if we're to have any future and lucky enough to reinstate a republic, some day.

(I don't have any "solution" of course; I'm only, still, pondering on it)


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