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Ha! So true.

Simply: the power to do evil depends on your willingness to support evil.

Ha! So true.

In this age of information, if we were lucky enough to have 1) truly free markets and 2) just laws - and we have NONE precisely because the absence of (2) PREVENTS the existence of (1) BY DESIGN - "bad", under-performant capitalists would never exist for long; either they would learn and improve from their mistake, or they'd be killed by competition - and that's, IMO, the only fair game. Phony businesses, scam and con schemes would be punished every time they're exposed, the consumer would be king. Economic crime by some individuals would not vanish entirely, but at least it wouldn't be A PILLAR of an entire system based on LEGAL PLUNDER, as it is today.

It's no shame to not succeed all the time. You've got to lose sometimes, to succeed later. But socialism and fascism only encourage the killing of fair incentives and fair rewards. They only encourage mediocres and bullies to prevail over their victims.

All for the grand ultimate oligarchical agenda and its goal: enabling the few to enslave the many.

And if that's not UTTERLY disgusting once it's fully realized and reckoned as such, I HAVE NO IDEA what else can be.

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