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Yes, I understand that companies are not obligated to the public interest, but you must understand that because this occurs it isn't because of greed or malfeasance. It occurs because the free market is as such, a marketplace where the consumer decides which products to buy without coercion from the state.

Because our government decides to increase taxes in it's given geographical area Apple has every right as a free enterprise to move it's area of production offshore to a less tax-stressed region. Hence the shipping of jobs offshore. This is clearly evident with numerous American companies that look to save costs to increase their bottom-line.

If you cannot see this obviousness then it isn't going to help anyone who explains to you the hundreds of rules and regulations that stifle competition and innovation in the marketplace.

As for China it was the governments idea, not the public, to create high speed rail. As for the benefits I personnally know 2 recent naturalized Chinese immigrants who claim that these things are a result of government intrusion and have not had any benefit to the public at large. As well, there are entire cities and malls that have no residents to occupy them. Capitalism does not need charity, or funding, from government to flourish. It simply needs to be left alone to allow those who create the opportunity to provide.

On another note, charity was once the best way to help out those less fortunate in America. Some of the first charities were Churches, not the sacred cow of "wealth redistribution" welfare.

As for "look at what we've done to ourselves" you need to throw that verbage your own way, I didn't vote for this as I don't think voting is all that necessary to the process when it comes to the presidency. Plus, if you've followed anything Bev Harris has done in this respect you'd know it doesn't matter who you vote for.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything." -Joseph Stalin

As for your alluding to starving people, last I checked it wasn't the job of government to feed the hungry. There are such things as charities, but as you have seen with those who try to donate to society without government oversight seem to lose both the charity they attempt to dishout and the right to distribute such privately.

And money is not the root-of-all-evil that plagues capitalism, it is simply the medium of exchange. HOWEVER, it is regulated as you can see with the Federal Reserve, if you created the money of an entire nation what would you care of the laws it created also?

"Give me control of a nations money, and I care not who makes its laws!"

You should look up who said that in order for your bankster profiteers to take hold properly. America did not create this system of monetary control, powerful interests behind the scenes did. Those that do not represent the majority have held this majority in slavery since 1913.