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The government doesn't really care what I think, however. The point is that government takes the money and wastes it in ways that maintains and expands its own power. Complaining about one of those ways doesn't really address the root problem.
I know retirees who collect, and are dependent on, their Social Security income. Even though they live off the government, they bristle as the idea that the government is giving handouts to illegal aliens, or to foreign countries. As long as the government is transferring wealth in their direction everything is great, but if it is going to outsiders, then it is a problem. My position is the government should not be transferring wealth as part of its policy. This is a problem that goes back to at least to the Tariff of 1816 which was the first protective tax to subsidize domestic manufacturers at the expense of planters who traded their produce with Europe.
The government was given the power to tax to pay for its operating expenses, not to manipulate the economy for the benefit of special interests. The corruption of that power led to the Civil War and the deaths of about three quarters of a million people.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson