Comment: Pretty fishy stuff, on both

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Pretty fishy stuff, on both

Pretty fishy stuff, on both ends to me. The fact that they had been interviewing these guys together beforehand and then they get this guy alone and he gets shot dead because he "flipped out". But also the friend of the guy who they shot saying that he wasn't friends with Tamerlan, just acquaintances from MMA fighting. Because he says this:
"He used to talk on the phone with him [Tsarnaev]," Taramov said of Todashev. "They talked last time a month ago. After the bombing, I couldn't believe it," he said.

Personally I don't talk on the phone with people who are just acquaintances, especially on any kind of regular basis. And also if the last time they talked on the phone was a month ago, that puts it right about the time of the bombing. Add the fact that this guy had planned to go to Chechnya and that all seems fishy to me as well.

But what did he do to get shot dead? The article says the FBI agent was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, so are they saying this guy attacked him? Either way it shows the FBI doesn't flinch at killing people.