Comment: An International PONZI Scheme Explained, Thank You !

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An International PONZI Scheme Explained, Thank You !

So, it's going to cost more to run any small business, because prices in local paper money will go up, as bond yields go up or just pay out compound interest on bond issues that accumulates.

If my business is producing Honey I must raise the price of my Honey to pay the higher costs of running my small business, un employed, underemployed, and more and more homeless/jobless people can no longer afford to buy Honey, and I go out of business.

The Founders and Ron Paul was/were right when they put the "Nothing but Gold/Silver" clause right into the U.S. Constitution { The Supreme LAW of the land.} Because once the real honest value of Gold/Silver is reached, prices on everything adjust to meet supply and demand only, and are not regulated by greedy bankers. In fact bankers are not needed because coin shops and depositories should be able to replace banks, in time.