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Comment: "There are 2 excuses the

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"There are 2 excuses the

"There are 2 excuses the Federales used to impose the income tax on Americans -- to pay for war (the Civil War) and to 'pay for' lost revenues due to tariff reductions."

Well, it is true. After all, if we collected tariffs at the same level we did in 1790, the Feds would get around 1 trillion in taxes; that is very similar to income tax levels today.

"Big Brother has no Creator-endowed right to track your transactions."

Creator-endowed...hilarious! In fact, if anything, government does have "creator-endowed" powers...since government was created by the people, and the people have clearly given government the power to tax income.

"Who cares what some Rothschild-funded 'economic expert' shill says?"

Right. Why pursue knowledge when ignorance is so much easier?

"the foreign Austrian School over our Constitution"

Hilarious. The "foreign" Austrian School...what are you, just scared of foreigners?

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: