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1) I forgot to mention it's funny that you mentioned you grow basil when I just suggested that cointelpro should take a break and garden. It's as if you were seriously trying to prove you weren't cointelpro because you grow basil and like bonsai. Come on EricHoffer you go to admit that is funny.

Mentioning what I grow in fact WAS a response to your take a break and garden point, I was just pointing out what I DO grow. Though I started in the last year or so and I don't have much room on my balcony. Subsequently, how would whether or not someone gardens have anything to do with cointel pro? Is your argument that a cointel pro person wouldn't have a garden? How is that rational?

2) It's also very funny that you pretend you just suddenly noticed my signature about 9-11 in the midst of finishing your response and asking a question about no one dying in the 9-11 WTC attacks.

Did you not notice that I was replying to the things you said? I even quote you in italics for the most part. But yeah, I just noticed your signature in that post, usually I ignore them. I was of course prompted to look at it because you mentioned that in your post in the first place.

It's as if you don't remember I just mentioned the BP HOAX in an earlier response and clearly pointed out that you made a youtube video to support the official story.

Uhhh... why would I not remember that? I responded directly to that in the response to that comment. Did you not read the comment or something?

You didn't even bother to ridicule me about the BP HOAX theory, an incident that supposedly hit very close to home and instead of trying to ridicule the BP HOAX theory you try to ridicule me about the 'Did anyone die on 9-11?' theory.

If you were present in that thread, I did plenty of ridiculing for that theory then. As for close to home... I'm in the Detroit area. I just happen to have my office location inside of RTI Labs, where they did analysis on the water near the spill. If you seriously need to be ridiculed though: You're an idiot for supporting either theory in light of the evidence to the contrary. Feel better?

Come on EricHoffer,you have to admit that is pretty funny too.

I don't know if it's funny "ha-ha" so much as painfully, exasperatingly depressing.

To all you in military intelligence. People are people. We're all of the same fabric. DPers... military intelligence.. everyone. Brothers. People make mistakes. People learn. You do things because you get paid just like everyone else. Maybe you think there is too much risk and no reward from resisting your command structure and helping to expose the grand scale of the deceit, but who knows what may happen? Who really knows the future?

Earns an LOL. I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times. If there's a government program that sends out checks for refuting your nonsense, I'm due some SERIOUS back pay.

I've lied before and even if they were considered white lies, I feel they echoed out the wrong vibrations out to the universe. It did not feel good. On the other hand many of us here are fighting for truth and justice because it feels good. It resonates and echoes positive vibrations out into the universe.

So pushing poorly thought out theories based on scant evidence sends out what kind of echo?

Aren't we all brothers, whether in the 'secret' brotherhood or not? We all learn and grow individually and sure we get help along the way from many different places.

I feel a kum ba yah coming on.

You may be intrigued and compelled by the teachings of the secret brotherhood, but should that make you beholden to them?

Actually, I was more into the robes and hoods. That and I have a fetish for owls and Latin.

Or are you really part of a larger brotherhood of man and universe, not just part of special secret one. I believe that you and everyone have the power to change anything. I believe in a future of infinite possibilities. I hope you all do too.

Oh me too! Me too! Can I have some Kool-Aid? These snakes sure look fun to play with.

Eric Hoffer