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i speak of apple because that

i speak of apple because that is what the article mentions, i agree that it is not just apple.

I dont agree with some of the things they have ended up patening, and what the patent system allows people to patent, such as shape, size and a combination of existing technologies......i do wanna see, great minds who create trully inovative and something unique(the individual or individuals), and get incentives to carry on, but not forever locked, i believe everything should eventually reach the public domain, i know how unlikely that is, but it wont stop me from thinking it.

At the very least, i believe that the patent system aswell as the copyrigt, needs a big overhaul, that is just what i think anyway

edit: opps, ignore the first bit, it was me who brought up, other companies as doing the same thing, my bad :), probably should ignore the second bit too.......infact, dont read my post at all

You read my post, didnt you :D