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That is the unfortunate

That is the unfortunate truth...we have to remember that the people who get into the police and other 'security' agencies are also brought up on a diet of the good guy getting the required info at all costs and saving the day.

After retirement my dad has been giving lectures at various universities and police academies about how the state, in order to protect (so they say) the ordinary citizen has been riding roughshod over human rights and due process.

In doing so the police along with its attached legal system has emerged as the single greatest fear and the single greatest source of harassment for the ordinary citizen.

The role of police and its associated powers must be wound down or none of us will be living in the kind of society that the luminaries of freedom the world over envisioned.

Details matter but on this occasion the thing to take with you is that security forces put this person in the situation that led to his death.