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A personal apology requested

"But it doesn't apply to me, and your being disingenuous to say otherwise, and you know it."

You know, not only was I not being disingenuous or doing anything wrong intentionally, but trying to present something I thought was important from the Holy Bible, but it was the second or third time you personally attacked my motive and then ended your message with God bless. You should apologize. And it won't be a blessing when you do, because, per the original message, doing harm to someone is not what all sins are by a long shot.

I don't expect a real appology, but from anyone who is a Christian, such things should not be hard to do. How shameless is it to derail someone sharing something from his heart about the Holy Bible, call them disingeous, judge their heart, proclaim yourself better than the average Christian, and then say God bless!

I've seen this wickedness for a long time. And it seems to me, the spirit of iniquity begins with thinking you have knowledge sins - "it's all about harming others", instead of faith in God.

Sins are not all harming others. You sinned against me here, but are completely blind to the fact that you are being hurtful, slanderous and rude, because "its not really wrong" - because and here it is "I judged what wrong is.

No, God judges what wrong is. He also judges people, not you. And it's the exact sin I said right at the beginning wasn't true. Sin is what God says it is, and it is not rationalized by us, and it does not always involve harming others. In fact, you don't even get to loving others under that definition, let alone FAITH, which has nothing to do with man made ideas of harming others, and yet the lack of is sin. The sin of unbelief.

And by the way, God bless. And I mean it. I wrote this message just for you, having already been slapped and insulted by you multiple times, just hoping that you will listen and learn. You wronged me. And you are wrong about what sin is. It is God that determines sin. And you aren't suppose to judge, in exactly the way you have.

It's payments like this that encourages me to continue preaching and proclaiming. I think you need to say you are sorry from the heart, and not like I've heard in the past. How could you even do this? God bless? I'd be ashamed to mix my anger under God's cover.

It's a sin.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.