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You're missing the point

I'm not out seeking answers. I know the answers. I know the whole sov cit thing is bunk because I practice law and I have personally researched and debunked these things.

I get tired of people posting their fraud about this stuff.

So, I created a thread to illustrate that no one can prove it works. So far, no one can.

That point must be really dangerous to the Sov Citizen/Fake Legal Advice scam artists and those who promote them. And by the way, are YOU one of those? You seem to really have a vested interest in promoting "Eddie." If it walks like a duck...

And further evidence of your beak and feathers - is that you are employing the typical strategy of one pushing these schemes/bs know of someone who knows of someone and why they sound really legit and of course, it never is YOU and YOU never have PROOF, at least not that YOU can SHOW, not right NOW. nope. Sort of like an end-of-the-world cult - there' a million reasons why it just can't be shown right now, not right here. Why, I shouldn't ask the world to post just one example on a popular website? Come on now, if this was done by as many nuts as claim to have done it, we'd see some proof here. My rules my contest. Now post some proof or bugger off. Luv,

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein