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Comment: You Sound More Like A Liberal Than a Libertarian

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You Sound More Like A Liberal Than a Libertarian

with all the discrimination, unequal treatment garbage.

It is NOT more complicated than that. Private property is owned by people, public property is owned by the government. You really need to educate yourself on this, it is important subject pertaining to RIGHTS and FREEDOM and applies to you. Roads can also be private property if it is on private land which this is.

I'm going to ignore your claims of discrimination because that is garbage.

The Security Guard as an agent for the property owner has the RIGHT to use force to make someone leave their property. This is NOT a matter of opinion. It is the law and a RIGHT. You are not justified to use force to commit a crime (biker woman), also not a matter of opinion. The law states a property owner or their representative (security) only has to tell you leave private land. Refusal to leave is trespassing (a crime). It does not matter if you don't feel like you are trespassing, you are if you do not leave when told to do so.

The security guard had a RIGHT to initiate reasonable force to make the woman leave. The biker woman does not have a RIGHT to hit back. It's assault.

Seriously educate yourself on these laws, they are important for a free person.