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how old are you?

Have you actually read, studied, or researched anything on pulp?

Soviets had the real concentration camps, Nazis had swimming pools and brothels at their "concentration camps". Some people don't buy into the holohoax like you do. So your statist "let's all hate the nazis and call them POS" is also a 'holier than thou' closed minded view, so there's no point arguing with you, but I still will :)

So, setting aside the fact that you were obviously too lazy to read anything I replied, because if you did, you would not make a simpleton statement like: "Some people don't buy into the holohoax like you do." As I said, the numbers killed were OBVIOUSLY exaggerated. That doesn't mean it didn't happen. The problem is, you and your merry band of neoNazis actually delude that Jews/Khazaris were NEVER gassed or murdered, or experimented on for bio-weapons and I.G. Farben/Bayer's human-drug trials.

What, you're gonna also claim that IBM didn't make punch card tech to track the inmates at the camps? So loving were their swimming pools, you needed to be tattooed and marked like cattle, to track you? Sounds like a summer camp at the YMCA to me! Wee!


Now, to historically dumb it down even further, and because you love the idea that since everyone else did it, so WTF if Nazis did too, for the sake of argument, let's set aside the fact that Israel runs one in Gaza, Soviets had/have gulags, as did the Chinese and the North Koreans, Brits had camps in S. Africa/Rhodesia, US Calvary ran one for Native Americans, and FDR ran one for Japanese, Germans, and Italians during WWII in America, as did the Romans, and those before them, in one form or another.

But let's discuss your loving Hitler and his merry band of Nazis, you know the ever kind and gentle, the modern warmachine's helmet progenitors, the Stahlhelm donning drag queen assholes who had gay (whom they hated and locked up) fashion designers to design their Halloween costumes and shiny trinkets, aka STATIST uniforms, who graced the locked up inmates with swimming pools and room services.


DO you even understand the definition of what a "collectivist" or a "statist" is? It's those who believe that because of their shared characteristics be they beliefs, cultures, genes, race, etc. that they are DESERVED more rights, powers, mandate, etc. A statist is someone who believes in using the force of State to achieve their collectivist ideological vision.

In case of the Nazis, they believe they can forcibly impose their will on other groups that they deem to be better, VIA the State. what part of that do you delude, me, as an AnCap, volutnaryist, also believes in ANY of that?

You think me hating Nazis, a self-admitted national socialists, aka, an actual State loving corporatist-fascist collectivist actually "statist"??

Are you for real?

So, as you can see, how utterly moronic, this sounds:

So your statist "let's all hate the nazis and call them POS" is also a 'holier than thou' closed minded view, so there's no point arguing with you, but I still will :)

It's not "statist" for me to individually hate the Nazis, who are by definition statist collectivists who love corporatism, love the idea of using the monopoly of force of the State to FORCE YOU to accept their demands.

As dumb as your statement is, let me entertain your delusions, further: as such, do you see me forcing others via govt's guns, to hate the Nazis?


Do I give a fuck that you love the idea of Nazism (a collectivist statist ideology) and that you delusionally believe that their Concentration Camps were Club Med, and honestly cannot see the contradiction of a concentration camp forcibly keeping its inmates in, at the threat of murder, in case they tried to leave?


Do you realize how idiotic you sound, to be praising concentration the 21st Century?

Could you leave a Nazi concentration camp, if you were an inmate there? No. Would you be shot dead, if you tried to leave? Yes. what delusional unicorn universe of yours do you believe that's a country club in the Hamptons for billionaire Banksters??

Now that it's fully clear that you share same the same exact beliefs as Anglin, and don't have any clue what reality actually looks like, allow me to remind you, with your own words:

"closed minded view, so there's no point arguing with you, but I still will"

You really think YOU loving Anglin and Hitler's view, ISN'T the "close minded" one here?

You really think anyone with a modicum of functional neurons won't truly think that it will be utterly pointless to argue with someone who loves Hitler, and praises "concentration swimming camps"??


No, seriously???

Learn this: socially ostracizing those with asinine, historically amnesic, geopolitically imbecilic views, is wholly libertarian, as it's a voluntary act of disassociation.

With that said, it'd be truly pointless to convert a StromFronter. So you can "so there's no point arguing with you, but I still will :)" all by your lonesome in the mirror.

I bid your NeoNazi-self, adieu, for good.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul