Comment: you make many good points,

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you make many good points,

you make many good points, especially the trespassing one, and i don't completely disagree with you. but it just isn't that black and white.

you can have privately owned space that is open to the public. when you open it to the public, there are certain expectations and standards that come with that. especially if it's a commercial space used to make money. i'm guessing they have a particular contract with the town with stricter standards for which they are accountable. it's not the same as a private residence. when you wear a badge, and are security-- you also expected to act a civilly and professionally. she is not an ordinary woman trying to get people off her lawn.

she didnt use force to get her off the land. she just simply used force. that force in no way facilitated removing the biker woman from the property. the security guard in no way attempted to escort the woman off the property. she just assaulted her. what she did was undignified, unnecessary and aggressive. when people act that way dont complain when someone hits back even if you are in the "right." besides i'm guessing this mall was established based on ordinance with the town and/or state. im sure there is some clause in the rule book or in the contract that established the mall that all people be treated equally, she singled that woman out. that is discriminating against her.

and lastly, these people are photographing an accident, that i'm sure will cost taxpayers money somehow. they are documenting an event by taking photos. the public has the right to do that.