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Here ya go! This should keep you busy for a few hours

I did that in this very thread. But there is a whole BUTTLOAD of resources out there.

There is a site idiotlegalarguments...

Here's a link to the specific section. You'll note not one, not a few, but a whole bunch of cases which say that very thing. And that list grows by the day.

Check out this forum as well. A lot of the members are attorneys or even tax attorneys who oppose the IRS in tax court:

You'll note that the particular forum is entitled "sovereign citizen and redemption scams" because at the root of all of these theories is some guru selling nonsense to the hopeful.

I personally have knowledge of about half a dozen cases, state and federal, from the past year where litigants tried this kind of stuff, and lost.

A lot of times they'd show up, in pro per, with their "paralegal" or "advisor" in tow in court. They'd lose. They'd get pissed. Sometimes the court would give them a chance to amend their pleadings (the judge doesn't want to get overturned for not giving them leave to instead of being railroaded the courts actually bend over for these people because the court knows absolutely that the fake sovereigns will lose and wants to be sure the court is safe from being overturned on an appeal) and they would immediately be proclaiming that they had a victory even though the judge told them they lost and needed to revise their pleadings and get rid of the nonsense. It gets quite comical.

They generally make fools of themselves, and sometimes aren't even aware they are doing it. And there is nothing worse than a fool that thinks he is winning.

What you've asked me to do is quite easy. What I've asked you to do, cite proof that up is down, that black is white, is impossible. Get it? How bout now?

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein