Comment: so punch cards automatically equal genetic experiments?

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so punch cards automatically equal genetic experiments?

Your ignorance of the true facts concerning world war 2 is so great that it is impossible to argue with you, especially considering you are spewing forth hundreds of words of garbage. Let's stick to a simple concept, you say that there were IBM punch cards, and that somehow proves what you prattle on about in the previous chapter about genetic experimentation. The only eugenics that Hitler employed was against the extreme sick and elderly, as it was a drain on society to keep them alive. This was a very small number, something like 200,000 out of 80 million people. Feel free to criticize this but America was envious of the Eugenics program of the Nazis.You are right the numbers are exaggerated, every single one of them. The only gas chamber was a delousing chamber, but your closed minded anti-Hitler view makes it impossible for you to see this. So what did Hitler actually do that was wrong? He freed his country from the same parasitic bankers that you claim you are fighting. He stopped the infiltration of subversive elements within his government (anarchists, of which I can see how you will sympathize wtih them), but as this was a Bolshevik plan, you should at least know which side you are fighting on. The good guys don't lose for no reason, Hitler is dead, the Nazis are dead, so getting mad at Nazis while Jews are still in top positions of government is absurd, and I want everyone who thumbs this post down to get that through their head.